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By - James

Easiest Way to Remove Pet Hair on Upholstery

Playing with the fluffy pets gives you more happiness, but you should be always ready to face the other side of having pets. It is a bit difficult to clean their dander and hairs on the upholstery. Definitely, no one likes the pet hairs that they leave behind the upholstery furniture.

It is really not a big deal to clean those pet hairs from the upholstery if you follow the right process with the right equipment. This job is a little frustrating as the hairs will cling and don’t leave the place at first action.

Vacuuming is the best method to remove the pet hair on the upholstery. Here are the steps to completely remove the pet hair on upholstery:

Process 1:- Removing the pet hair

  • Before you start the action, remove as much as a possible hair from the upholstery by vacuuming thoroughly
  • Fill half of the bucket with warm water, using warm water will save your time on repeated trips
  • Use rubber glove, plunge your palm in the water and make a smooth motion of running your hand on the upholstery surface by pressing gently. The pat hair will fuse to your glove. Repeat the same action once or twice until you notice the surface clean and hair free. Dip your hand again in the bucket and clean your hand. Repeat the same process until the surface is completely clean.

Process 2:- Use a sponge to remove the pet hair

Use a sponge to remove the pet hair
Use a sponge to remove the pet hair

This is a very easy method to remove the pet hair from the upholstery. Use the clean and dry sponge and run it slowly on the upholstery furniture. The hairs will stick to the sponge and your problem is completely solved.

Process 3:- Prepare a DIY lint roller

This method is the most convenient method for completely eliminating the cat or dog hairs. The replacement sheets of the lint roller are very expensive, however, instead of using the sheets, just wrap the packaging tape around the circle, the sticky side at the out. This will pick up as much as possible hairs due to friction power.

Process 4:- Use dryer sheets to pick-up the pet hairs

Clean the hair from your pet, to make the cleaning process easier. Run the fabric softener sheet over your pet. This will attract the pet hair and no need to brush.

Process 5:- Vacuum cleaner to pick-up the hair

Vacuum cleaner to pick-up the hair
Vacuum cleaner to pick-up the hair

Vacuuming is a good job to eliminate the pet hair from the upholstery but still, you are not able to get good results, use the liquid fabric softener to get the job done successfully. Mix a spoonful of softener to the spray bottle, add water and mix it well. Spray on the upholstery and leave it for five to ten minutes, then start vacuuming.

The floor attachment in the standard vacuum cleaner has the short and stiff bristles, this will trick fast on the upholstery cushions. With few swipes, you can easily take out all the pet hair and no need to repeat the process. Buy the same bristles attachment in a smaller version. However, this attachment is not suggested for the delicate fibers. The delicate fibers need standard vacuum attachments and you must take great care. Frequent cleaning is necessary for the upholstery furniture and carpets where your pets have declared its ownership.