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How to Clean Microfiber Upholstered Sofa?

Microfiber is one of the most preferred fabrics of sofas as most people consider it easy to clean. If you too have one at home then here is a detailed process how to clean your microfiber upholstered sofa.

First Step: The first step is to make use of a vacuum. When you vacuum the microfiber upholstered sofa, it loosens up dust and debris and removes them from the surface. The best part of this fabric is that does not allow allergens to penetrate inside it. So by using a vacuum you can remove the dust and other contaminants from the surface, where they generally get accumulated.

Second Step: Next step is to scrub stains with a clean and dry brush that is not too harsh on the sofa. This removes the crusty spills from the surface and lets the sofa retain its softness. Make sure you remove the cushions and pillows so that you don’t leave any area unclean.

Third Step: This is an important one at this stage – read the tag on the sofa. This tag includes manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, which must be followed religiously. If it stays W then you can use water-based cleaning solvent, if it says S then water-free cleaning solution can be used, if it reads S/W then you can use either of them but if it reads X then you are not supposed to use any solution at all. Then your work is done with vacuuming and brushing.

Fourth Step: Once you know which type of cleaning solution to use for your microfiber upholstered sofa, you need to find a good one in the market. For water-based solutions you can choose from gentle soap, upholstery shampoo, to mild dish detergent. On the other hand, for water-free solutions you can consider lighter fluids, vodka, gin, baby wipes, or dry-cleaning solvent. Apply the chosen solution directly on the stain to get rid of the stains. And then soak it with a paper towel.

Last Step: Finally, you should use a dry brush again to give a massage to your sofa. Microfiber tends to get hard after the above cleaning process and using a brush ensures its softness and luster remains the same.

Also, one should never use bleach or acetone inclusive cleaning solutions for microfiber upholstered sofas as these two ingredients can spoil the fabric. And if you ever feel confused about the cleaning process, call professional cleaners!

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