Trusted Upholstery Cleaning Company Melbourne

Squeaky Upholstery Clean Melbourne is a trusted name in providing professional upholstery cleaning solutions in Melbourne. We are a team of well-trained experts equipped with advance techniques and machinery to ensure that the upholstery items at homes, offices and commercial establishments are steam cleaned thoroughly by our professional qualified and trained Upholstery Melbourne based cleaner.

Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne
Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne


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Getting upholstery cleaning is definitely affordable with Squeaky Clean Upholstery Melbourne. Just call us and get your upholstery absolutely cleaned!

    Our services are known for its timeliness, cost-effectiveness and quality. We provide our on-site upholstery cleaning Melbourne services round the clock in all the suburbs of Melbourne.

    Upholstery Stain Removal Melbourne

    Squeaky Clean Upholstery is a renowned name in Melbourne that will provide you with best upholstery cleaning services. Our professional upholstery cleaners can deliver the best upholstery stain removal service for you. We will start with a deep upholstery vacuum cleaning first to get rid of dust and mud. Old and stubborn stains are pre-treated with commercial solvents. We utilize the latest and the best upholstery stain removal products available in the market. These products are hard on stains but leave no damage to the fabric of the upholstery. Stain removal is carried out cautiously and we make sure that no stains are left behind after the cleaning. Hire Squeaky Clean upholstery for upholstery stain removal today and say goodbye to the stains effectively.

    Upholstery Stain Removal
    Upholstery Stain Removal

    Why choose for professional Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne?

    Upholstery items are often the home of dust mites, pathogens and bacterial / fungal matter which cause diseases. Conventional home cleaning techniques are unable to sanitize completely. Besides, they can also damage the expensive fabrics and material in upholstery.

    Will your cleaning affect the fabric / material of my upholstery?

    Our well-trained and experienced cleaners have the ability to clean and sanitize any kind of upholstery item irrespective of the fabric and material used in it, thus ensuring that you everything is clean and hygienic without any damage.

    How much do you charge?

    We provide customized quote to all our customers as per their specific needs and requirements. Just give us a call for a quote. But, we assure that our rates are most reasonable and competitive according to the services we prove.

    Our Upholstery Cleaning Team

    Squeaky Clean Upholstery team consists of only experts in upholstery cleaning. All our team members are certified and have years of experience to back their talent. Our company’s main aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction to all our clients. All our cleaners are locals of Melbourne.

    1. Jake stays in the Northern suburbs and delivers upholstery cleaning jobs in the Northern suburbs.
    2. Daniel caters to the clients of the Eastern suburbs.
    3. Sam is dedicated to use his skills to serve the customers of the Western suburbs.
    4. Harry responds skillfully to all upholstery cleaning services in the Southern suburbs.
    Upholstery Cleaning Services
    Upholstery Cleaning Services

    Your True Upholstery Cleaning Specialists

    Squeaky Clean Couch Melbourne is a renowned cleaning service provider in Melbourne. We have been serving the Melbourne residents for more than twenty years. We are here to provide our clients with a high quality experience and guaranteed results for our upholstery cleaning services.

    Our Modus Operandi for Upholstery Cleaning

    At Squeaky Clean Upholstery, we are very particular about our way of cleaning the upholstery. We keep it simple yet highly effective with our proven and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Firstly provide an initial inspection of the upholstery to figure out the kind of fabric it is made of and what extent of cleaning is required. We then decide the most suitable cleaning solution and cleaning strategy for your upholstery and then work upon it. Once the cleaning is done, we use special stain removal techniques to get rid of various stains and make your upholstery spotless. And after drying the upholstery, we finally sanitize the same for most effective consequences.

    Advantages of Using Squeaky Clean Upholstery

    Squeaky Clean Upholstery Melbourne offers a variety of advantages. When you decide to hire us as your upholstery experts, you will be benefitted from various benefits. We are highly professional, extremely friendly, profusely knowledgeable, fully insured, abundantly experienced, and very prompt. We give you same day and emergency upholstery cleaning services as well. You just have to give us a call and we arrange for everything else at our end. We send our expert upholstery cleaners to your doorstep to give you a flawless experience.

    What We Do

    Squeaky Clean Upholstery Melbourne has numerous upholstery cleaning services all across Melbourne. Our services include couch cleaning, upholstery cleaning, cleaning vomit from couch, cleaning urine from couch, sofa cleaning, microfiber upholstery cleaning, leather upholstery cleaning, upholstery stain removal, carpet cleaning, lounge cleaning, upholstery dry cleaning, upholstery steam cleaning, and so on. So whatever your requirement is, we have the perfect solution for you!

    Upholstery Dry Cleaning
    Upholstery Dry Cleaning

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    Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

    What Our Client Say’s

    My upholstery had fabric discoloration and was looking bad because of many stains. I asked Squeaky Up…

    – Dominic

    It is so amazing to see the staff from Squeaky Clean Upholstery Melbourne work on your upholstery.

    – David

    This short note is for one of the best service providers I have come across in my life – Squeaky Clean Upholstery Melbourne.

    Judith Lodge

    I used Squeaky Clean Upholstery for my home items. I was impressed with their cleaning tactics.